Extend Lights & Shadows for Stunning Renderings!
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Soften Photos, Moods & Chemistry
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Insert Text or Image/Logo with adjustableanywhere on your photos  on one or a batch  of images
 Productivity Made Easy
Put Your Main Subject in Focus                   the easy way without                     expensive                     hardware!
Watermark with a text, with an image or logo (JPEG/TIFF/PNG)
WaterMarks over Multiple Photos
For a transparent text or image watermark, adjust opacity, instant preview
Position The Text Watermark, adjust size and angle
MultiWatermarks lets you add Text or/and Image/Logo and script it over a folder of your Photos. Powerful and Easy: • Add High-resolution Texts/Images Watermarks to your photos, simply click and type • Watermarks transparency is previewed and adjusted interactively • Adjust Text Opacity/Color/Font/Character or Line spacing • Position precisely your image, resize/rotate, adjust transparency  • Text/Image Watermarks can be saved as preset, and instantly visualized on other photos • Save the Watermarked photo in a different file format (JPEG/TIFF/PNG/BMP/GIF/PICT/PSD) works also in 16bit TIFF • Create a script and batch your watermark across one or several images, can be a full folder • Online Manual for assistance
Position The Text Watermark, adjust color and opacity
Adjust font size/alignment, change color and opacity
No expensive hardware needed, the virtual lens does it all!
With MagicFocus, add depth to your photos and create Focus… • A very effective virtual lens lets you create in a snap tilt shift and/or focal point.• Adjust the lens blur and control your effect like a pro would do using a real expensive tilt lens.• As usual we make it super easy... and you will achieve cool effects in no time. • A set of tools lets you change saturation, exposure, sharpness, contrast, add grain. Work with multiple file formats, you can even convert a format to another. Online Manual for assistance
Work with multiple kind of image format (JPEG/TIFF/PNG/PSD...),          even 16bit
Position The Focus Lens , Adjust Saturation, Contrast, add Photographic Noise
You can use it as a tilt lens, perfect for creating miniatures.
Simply move/resize/rotate the virtual lens where you want people to focus on your subject.
Magic FocusMake it Pop!
Magic HDR is such a powerful tool and will let you achieve dramatic images out of any photo... You love photography! This is the tool you need.• Super Easy: HDR photography can be quite challenging but with MagicHDR it is easy you need only one image! • It takes second to have stunning pics without any special knowledge. • Dynamic Images: MagicHDR extends dramatically the range of dynamic light for stunning effects. • HDR Light, Contrast, Black&White: MagicHDR offers multiple modes with all kind of controls. • A library of HDR Styles: Multiple settings lets you achieve exactly the effect you are looking for but also included many many stunning HDR style, that you can preview in no time on your own photo. • More than simple HDR. A tinting tool will bring amazing light effects on your images and we have included hundred of those!
You can even push the saturation for near cartoonish but really gorgeous effects
Magic HDRMake it Stunning!
MagicHDR works only with one image, many formats are available (JPEG/TIFF/PNG/PSD/BMP/GIF)
Really easy to use, import your own photo, play with parameters or use ready made presets, instant preview!
Create stunning Renderings boosting Highlights and Shadows
You can also colorize, for Black-White or Multi-Tones HDR.
Dreamy Colors: Simply render a dreamy soft image, softly beautiful, really!
MagicRomance works with many file formats (JPEG/TIFF/PNG/PSD/BMP/GIF)
Add a Romantic Touch to your photos... Simply Easy, Powerful, Beautiful  For the swell and glamorous effect, it comes with more than 50 ready made styles, you can preview over your own photo in a snap. For more advanced user, you can create a romantic mood and apply it to any picture... Through this beautiful filter you will add to any photo this chemistry that makes it unique.BONUS: • Vignetting... Different kind of Vignettes such as Diamond, Cross, Circular, Rectangular with exposure control that creates very smooth blends. • Borders&Shadows...Easily add beautiful clean borders and soft shadows of any color• Soft Focus... Smoothly create an outside out of focus effect, for a very gentle and mellow mood.
Magic Ambiance, is it day, is it night, it is weird and simply out of this world... so many variations!
Morning Fresh  For all those photos, that needs a simple clean wake up.. make them 'fresh' 
RomanceAll Photos!